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PHP Challenge

By Juli 8, 2013 10 Kommentare

On Friday, Alin D. has given our team the following PHP problem to solve:



    echo ‚Hello‘;

} else {

    echo ‚ world‘;


He asked our colleagues to replace SOMETHING, so that the outcome would be Hello World.


At the end of the day, Alin showed the solutions he received:

1. if (!print(‚Hello‘)) {     (most of our colleagues thought of this solution)

2. if (((print(‚ Hello‘)) && 0)) {

3. printf(„Hello „)==“4“

4. !printf(„Hello“)


There were several very clever solutions, such as:

5. php -r ‚if (eval(„echo „Hello“;“)){ echo „Hello“;} else {echo “ world“;}‘

6. if(($a = function(){echo ‚hello ‚; return false;}) && $a() === true)

7. if (die(‚Hello world‘)) {

8. if (printf(‚Hello world<div style=“display:none“>‘)) { (that doesn’t work in CLI or IE)

9. php -r „if(print(„Hello worldr“)){echo’Hello‘;}else{echo‘ world‘;} echo PHP_EOL;“

10. php -r „if(print(‚Hello world‘)){} __halt_compiler(); ){echo’Hello‘;}else{echo‘ world‘;}“

11. if(eval(„echo ‚hello ‚; return false;“))


Needless to say, these solutions were very cool – and we were really impressed by the large number of solutions they found!

How would you have solved this problem?

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