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Innobyte presents InnoTalks

Here, at Innobyte, we like to have a lot of fun. But not any kind of fun. We like to learn in a gentle way. This is how one day we decided that we should try and teach each other more. Every person around you has a lot of things to offer: advices, tips and tricks.

This is how we decided that a series of events under the umbrella of “Inno Talks” is something to be done!

<strong>What is Inno Talks?</strong> Discussions about Web Development with all the “Innobyters”. We only talk about web development and programming because web development is WHAT WE DO BEST!

At our 1st edition we had a series of discussions about PHP Unit testing using Symfony2:

  • What is Unit Testing? What is the Symfony “way”? Best practices and solutions!
  • The 2nd subject was Junit: how to to Java Unit Testing? What are the existing frameworks? What are the differences between Java Unit testing and Php Unit testing?

Here are some pictures from our gathering:

And if you are curious to see our presentations you can acces them here!

Hope that we made your life a bit more easier and that our meetings are also helping you.
Do not leave far, there is a second edition happening soon: <strong>How to create workers using RabbitMQ monitorized by Supervisord</strong>.

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