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Meet Betty your Linux assistant

If until now we had Siri, an application that helped us use our phones without touching them, now we have an even better application.

And by “we” I mean the programmers have one :).  It is named Betty and it can help you A LOT with all those commands that you just can’t remember.

All you have to do is go into the application and type in English the command that you are looking for. Betty will return the most appropriate answer.

Not remembering some commands is a real reason of frustration for developers and searching for them or looking them up in cheat sheets is only a waste of time.

You can’t control Betty like Siri, you have to type your question and your request and for the moment Beety knows only a few commands, most of the commands that it’s creator, Jeff Pickhardt can’t remember. The good news is that being open source anyone can add commands and in that way we can expand the commands and vocabulary.

Are you willing to try Betty? Are you going to add commands? We tried some and this is how it looks like!






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