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Let`s start to learn symfony2!

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Lesson1 – How to install symfony2.4 in only 4 steps? Step1. We need to install composer. What is composer ? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Just like PEAR for PHP. Or just like npm for node.js. Or Bundler for Ruby. Or apt-get for Ubuntu. You can read more about composer here. Download composer to your computer :


Why developers love Symfony ?

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Symfony offers a state-of-the-art foundation on which they can build custom features with ease. Not only that it offers the tools to build the features, it also offers an unparalleled debugging environment which also includes a birds-eye view over an entire request, starting from the configuration of the environment going to a timeline of the request showing all the moving…


CTF Write-Up: Web Challenges

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After a somewhat short holiday we finally found the time to properly discuss the solutions to our first CTF. In the following days I will try to shed some light on the solutions to Innobyte’s first endeavor in organizing a CTF competition, to talk about how my team and I solved (some of) the challenges and the ups and downs…


Attention Test

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There comes a time when one should put on hold its tasks, take a step back and try to have a new look on the problem. You’ll start seeing other details too. This is the key message that was point out to us, Innobyte’s Project Managers, one QA tester and me, the other day. Our CEO invited us to take…


The weirdest website

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What’s the weirdest website you’ve ever come across? Gizmodo wants to know! List it here, with the following structure:  [image (if it’s not gross)] [linked title] Description: [description] How I found it: [how you found it]   Now let’s take a peak at some examples: An website with dogs, for K9 lovers Another one that started from Sailor Moonds cartoon,…


A new PHP Challenge: Facing Memory Issues

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Let’s say that we have a PC with unlimited processing power, BUT with very little RAM. We need to optimize its memory, by using a script that creates 2 functions: one for archiving an array and another one to search through this array. There are also a set of rules that you need to respect: 1: You will use only…


Second PHP Challenge

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As the challenge we’ve given you last week was a real hit, we want to provoke you again! So… you are given 2 integral numbers: a and b. Request: Write a code sequence that interchanges the values of  these 2, without using additional variables.