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Why we love symfony ? Part 2

In a previous article we started to tell you why Symfony is awesome! In this article you will find out not only why developers love Symfony but why EVERYBODY does! Enjoy! Why QAs love Symfony ? Symfony also helps our QAs in testing. We activate Symfony’s debugger and profiler in our staging environments to allow them to monitor more closely…

How to create a development environment?

Lesson 2 from „Learn symfony 2.4 tutorial“ : Creating a development environment Now we have a fresh symfony2 app. If not, please read the first tutorial about how to install symfony2.4. We can access the symfony2.4 application on http://localhost/path_to_sf_project/web/app_dev.php. But the name is not so cool, right ? We will learn in this tutorial how to create a local domain like…

Let`s start to learn symfony2!

Lesson1 – How to install symfony2.4 in only 4 steps? Step1. We need to install composer. What is composer ? Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Just like PEAR for PHP. Or just like npm for node.js. Or Bundler for Ruby. Or apt-get for Ubuntu. You can read more about composer here. Download composer to your computer :

Why developers love Symfony ?

Symfony offers a state-of-the-art foundation on which they can build custom features with ease. Not only that it offers the tools to build the features, it also offers an unparalleled debugging environment which also includes a birds-eye view over an entire request, starting from the configuration of the environment going to a timeline of the request showing all the moving…

CTF Write-Up: Web 400

As I mentioned in the previous article, I started web400 immediately after I finished web300. At that point I was in a winning streak, so, naturally, I thought I could beat this one, too. I had no idea how wrong I was…

The Official PayU Magento Extension is Now Available on Our Shop!

We’re extremely proud to announce you that starting with today you can implement FOR FREE online payment on your shop, with our PayU Lite Magento extension. Sounds cool, right? For more advanced needs, our Certified Magento Developers Plus have worked on developing PayU Pro. These two extensions have been built as a result of our partnership with PayU Romania.

CTF Write-Up: Web Challenges

After a somewhat short holiday we finally found the time to properly discuss the solutions to our first CTF. In the following days I will try to shed some light on the solutions to Innobyte’s first endeavor in organizing a CTF competition, to talk about how my team and I solved (some of) the challenges and the ups and downs…

3 PHP Developers Wanted!

We have big plans for 2014, which is why we want you in our team. We have the challenges you need to prove your PHP skills and the fun you’re looking for while coding. We are looking for: – One Senior PHP Developer – One Middle PHP Developer – One Junior PHP Developer

Innobyte Capture The Flag

The Idea:   It’s Cristi’s last month at Innobyte. As he’s an awesome colleague (and we know that his heart belongs to Innobyte), he wanted to give us a present: Innobyte’s own Capture The Flag competition. Cristi has been to a couple of hacking competitions and a lot of conferences and both DefCamp and DefCamp Capture the Flag just stuck….

Extending The Symfony Assetic Google Closure Filter

If you’ve ever used the Symfony framework, then you’ve likely used the Assetic Bundle, which uses the Assetic library to provide asset management tools. The bundle provides a wrapper for the Google Closure which compresses and optimizes javascript.