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eCommerce Facts, in Europe

By Juli 3, 2013 Keine Kommentare

Did you know that…


Online retail sales are growing in popularity in Europe. Forrester Research Inc., a technology-focused research and consulting firm, has estimated that by 2017, online sales will reach €191 billion. In 2012, their study shows that total the value of online retail sales was of €112 billion. Don’t you want a share of this pie? We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Magento’s representatives also say that things are going swell in Europe.

And if you want to see more details, I also found this graph:

figure2-730x435Data from Forrester Reseach, Photo Souce 

Their study shows that Spain will catch a big e-commerce wave and register the biggest increase in all European countries. Italy will also show increase in revenues. Seems like consumers‘ behavior is slowing adapting to the new laws of commerce and they are opening their pockets for online shopping.

This is why you need to

a) build an online retail shop to gain a  global market;

b) take care of your online shop: give your visitors the best shopping experience they can have, with fast-loading pages, full product information and fast shopping process.

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