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50off – the half price network has been launched

By August 2, 2011 Keine Kommentare

Like we promised in the previous article we continue the series of web site launches with 50off.ro.

You can create a 50off account in the traditional manner, by filling out a form or, in two clicks, for those who have a Facebook account, with the help of Facebook login.

Despite the fact that it is a discount network, as you can guess from the name, it also offers the basic facilities of a social network. Thus, you can create a profile page, you can invite friends, you can see the places they frequent, you can send private messages, but more important, you can buy the vouchers 50off offers at 1:1 parity.

How do you buy? It’s very simple! For example, you pay 100 lei and in return you receive from 50off, vouchers of 200 lei in coupons of 1, 5 or 10 lei; the minimum amount of money with which you can buy vouchers is 50 lei. With these coupons you can enjoy all the services you like form the companies that have promotions in the interval you chose on the web site.

We put a lot of passion into the project and we worked with a lot of interest because it brings a new concept to the local market and, of course, it was a challenge for us too, but, once we finished it, we can say we reached a successful ending. At only two days after its launch, the web site already has more than 21.000 users and the number is still growing.

We hope we caught your interest and we invite you to discover the delight of discounts on 50off!

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