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5 Ways to Use Videos on your e-Commerce Site

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It’s time we talk about videos. The latest hype for companies present on the online is to create and distribute video content. YouTube has grown impressively in the past couple of years and consumers are more open to watch a video to understand better what a product is like, what is the solution to their problem, ”How To”s, or simply to listen to music.

As Catalin, our CEO, said a few days ago in an interview for Wallstreet.ro, a top Romanian publisher, it’s amazing how in YouTube every pixel counts. The same should happen on your website: maximize all of your available space, by placing strategic information, and at the same time, following your brand’s online identity.

It’s time to insert all available additional support (besides the well-known texts), such as photos, charts and videos!

If you want our advice, then use video content for the following cases:

1.       Company Presentation

We did it. And it was a great experience for our team and we will treasure it in our souls for a very long time. We believe INNOBYTE’s core value is its team – and that’s what we showed in this video.

You might choose to illustrate some of your achievements: places, awards, work environment, testimonials from clients.

2.       Team presentation

Show the world who is behind your brand, who does your day-to-day operations, who cares for your customers, who’s the voice on your social media channels. Visitors’ trust will increase in your brand, by mentally adding a… human face to it.

3.       Product presentation

Online buying can get tricky, if you don’t understand what you are buying. So help your visitors understand precisely what you are selling and how they can benefit by buying your products. 3D views or 360 degrees views are always interesting to have!

On your Magento shop you can add such content with our extension: Product Video Gallery, at only 29$!

4.       How to use demos

If I buy something, then I want to use it. But sometimes I miss some of its features, so a video demo would really help! You can create case studies on different features. You can place the product in their work / home environment and show precisely how it should be used (or how others use it).

5.      Company news / press releases

Share everything that’s fresh! If wonderful things are happening with your company, then why not share it with your visitors? The latest trend in PR is using video content to support press releases.

Your shop has a new product line? Your online shop is opening its virtual doors onto another country? Create a video material and list it on your website (And social media accounts).

If you still were wondering why you should create and list video content on your e-commerce solution, then let me tell you a little secret: videos will help you better index your website in Google Rankings!

Ps. We’re currently working on some surprises for INNOBYTE’s Youtube Channel, so keep an eye on it!

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